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"As activist funders, we know that we cannot remake the world unless those who live every day with injustice have access to the resources to define their own roadmaps to liberation. In many ways, philanthropy is predicated on the systems of harm that we are working to dismantle, with wealth generated through extractive capitalist practice that exploits the very communities philanthropy then seeks to support. One (very small) way to redress these power imbalances is to put decision-making power into the hands of those doing the work. As well as offering a deeper connection to local contexts and movements, activist decision makers are able to read proposals and engage in collective decision making with a degree of nuance, expertise, intellectual rigor, love, and solidarity that is rarely seen at the traditional philanthropic decision making table."

"If we seek to transform power in philanthropy and address the injustices around us, to challenge and rectify the inequity we see, it is necessary to look internally at how our own structures in philanthropy, in development, and in the aid sector, could be reinforcing inequality. This means asking difficult questions about how not to recreate unequal relationships of abuse and power in our funding relationships and in movements. If we are not naming power dynamics and honestly telling each other how we are experiencing things, as funders, or as grantees, and as allies to our movements, how can we ever get to a place where we are unraveling the broken systems and economic models that oppress and discriminate?"


Articles referencing my work 

The Power Of Sharing Power: New Report On Co-Leadership Offers Insight Into The Collaborative Leadership Model That’s Gaining Ground, June 20, 2023, by Marianne Schnall, Forbes 

Learning to lead together, April 7, 2021 by Mary Ann


7_women_who_are_making_history_today,2019,  Melinda Gates,


Celebrating these fabulous young feminists, IWDA, 2016

"Ruby supported our organisation to develop a comprehensive introductory training to gender-focused programming in eye health. This multi-day workshop was delivered across our 13 country offices and involved local government stakeholders to create an awareness of the role that gender plays in the supply and demand of eye health services, and to develop develop preliminary strategies for innovatively addressing these."


Renee Chan, 
Fred Hollows Foundation

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