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I am a creative and flexible person and can work with you to envision and build your ideas and get them off the ground. I have an in-depth and strategic understanding of the women and girls rights funding ecosystem and solid international and local networks. I offer bespoke services to grassroots organisations, funders and UN agencies.

Get in touch to explore working together.


Holistic Organisational Care and Leadership

Strategy & Program Development

Documentation, Research & Advocacy

Design & Facilitate Collective Space

Holistic Organisational Care and Leadership

Documentation, Research & Advocacy

  • Coordinate and lead research projects; data collection methods and lead writer and dissemination

  • Develop advocacy strategies and campaigns

  • Feminist philanthropy, funder influencing and public speaking

 Strategy and Program Design

  • Accompany organisations,  through creative and participatory strategic planning processes

  • Advising funders in portfolio development

  • Innovative design and coordination of program

  • Develop youth engagement strategies, policies or programs

Design & Facilitation of Collective Spaces

  • Coalition building, creation of partnerships or cohort experiences

  • Dynamic design processes for trainings or convenings

  • Online and physical facilitation and learning exchanges

  • Accompaniment design, learning journeys for funders

"As Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, I worked with Ruby in her capacity as a Co-Executive Director at FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund for a few years and it was a great experience from the start to end. Due to her position, she had to make difficult decisions and take innovative measures, and it was clear that her feminist politics served as a compass. Her Co-Leadership allowed FRIDA to grow and be a blueprint for many other funds, and feminist and/or women's/queer rights organizations."


Sophia Pierre-Antoine,
Former Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund

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