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My journey to this work 

My approach in my consulting practice


My strength is in being the connective tissue between people and ideas. I am passionate about collaboration, power building, experimentation, and beautiful documentation of collective knowledge. At the heart is ensuring the people impacted by the work are leading in design and decision making. I take the time to ensure meaningful processes that move us closer to true power-sharing.


In this patriarchal capitalist world, we are often pitted against each other in competition rather than collaboration. My work actively seeks to challenge this, intentionally working in relationship with other people, centering open communication, accountability, and honesty. I seek to promote collaboration and to identify avenues for collective learning, bridge building, participatory practices, and open communication.


I love working with other people, and find some of my best work is done with when I am working in collaboration with others. That can be with members of your team, with other independent consultants, or a team of people depending on your needs.

Some of the people I have collaborated with recently include: Devi Leiper O’Malley, Swatee Deepak, Rosa Branksy, Boikanyo Modungwa, Angelika Artuynova, Participatory Grant Makers Collective (Katy Love, Rose Longhurst, Diana Samarasan + many more)

I am currently in the process of setting up a new collaboration with a few of my closest friends. Stay tuned! Q

Ruby is a joy to work with - smart, creative, collaborative, and with a deep and embodied commitment to social justice. Ruby excels at holding space for collective processes, bringing diverse perspectives together and finding common paths forward. She has a sharp strategic eye and navigates through complexity to bring clarity to any challenge. Ruby enriches complex, sticky projects with her unique blend of humour, humanity and creativity.

We have collaborated with Ruby on many projects. From strategy development processes, to facilitation, research and more. And have always wondered 'how would we have done this without her?'. I cannot recommend Ruby enough.


Rosa Bransky,
Co-Founder, Purposeful

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